Borovets (a.k.a. “Chamkoria” till mid-20th c.) is the oldest mountain resort in Bulgaria. It is the closest modern ski-resort to the capital Sofia and thus is a preferred location for the citizens of the city. It is located at altitude of 1350 m on the Northern slopes of The Rila Mountain. Closest town is Samokov (10 km.), as well as the 2 biggest cities of Bulgaria – Sofia (70 km.) and Plovdiv (125 km.). The resort hosted championships from the World Cup in 1981 and 1984. The climate is moderate, with mild winter and heavy snowfall. The average temperature in the coldest month, January, is about 4,8° C . The ski season usually lasts from mid-December till mid-April. The resort is also a perfect starting point for trekking or biking in Rila in the summer.
There are perfect conditions for winter sports: alpine skiing, snowboard, cross-country skiing.

Ski data:

Altitude 1300 m
Highest ski-point 2560 m
Marked ski-slopes 58 km
Longest ski-slopes 12 km
Orientation of the slopes N, NW, W
Cross-country slopes 35 km
Other facilities Biathlon equipment; ski-jump
Central dial code +359 750